Ep 114, Rebekah Allan: Have Your Cake and Eat It

Rebekah Allan writes. She creates. She blogs. She sells Daily.
With businesses under her belt (including some epic fails), she now has an online business and blog that fully supports her + hottie boyfriend + a mortgage. Working less than 30 hours per week. And no crazy ‘launching’ ’cause that makes her want to vomit in her mouth a little bit.
Some stats and facts direct from Rebekah:
  • I make over $6 000 per month from a blog (consistently, *say whattt*!)
  • I have worked in a business for over 15 years (started when I was 13) and am a qualified baker & pastry cook. (Kinda proud of the fact I finished the Qualification in 2.5 years.)
  • Serial entrepreneur previously having a cleaning business, home day care business and cooking business ? At 30 yo with no money, no job and no home, I started a cake business.
  • 9 months later, I had franchised my business model and had 1st franchisee.  Yep, super doper crazy. Within 2 years had sold 12 franchises.
  • My cakes turned into a franchise, the franchise turned into a blog, the blog turned into a business that pays me a full time income.
  • Got to really know my strengths ? a teacher.  I found my naturally rocking teaching skills in the business of blogging.
  • I create, capture and convert like crazy.
  • Through years of testing & tweaking and many failures, share what is working for me.
  • I call myself a creating & selling machine!

To connect with Rebekah, visit http://rebekahallan.com/

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