I am perfectly imperfect

Howdy there partner!

You know what?  I actually love this video the more I watch it.  When I first recorded it, I was worried about my different sized nostrils, gross skin tag under one of my eyes, weird bottom half of my face cellulite, but now… a few weeks on… I see it a little differently.

Now, I see a beautiful woman who is attempting to show up in her life.  Stepping up.  Putting herself out there… being honest and open… trying to set a good example for her beautiful daughter… and living a life that is of service to others, by doing not much more than being herself.

I see someone who is downright effing awesome.  Perfectly imperfect.

And in this video, I see you.  Someone who also needs a good dose of self love and compassion.

If nothing else, I hope through watching this vid, you get a laugh… and feel like you might be able to show up and allow yourself to be seen, in some way… big or small.

Love ya.




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