MWGSD Podcast: Ep1 Lisa & Karly

An intro to your incredible hosts, Lisa Corduff and Karly Nimmo.  You’ll hear a little about their journey into motherhood, a little about they fill their own cups and some top tips for uber productivity.

Get ready for some nuggets of gold like:

Lisa:  ‘The way I get shit done, is to just do it’.

Karly: ‘I make a list and work out which one is the banana, which one is the ice-cream cake… and which one is the fucking gross frog… and then I eat that fucker first’.

Lisa:  ‘People don’t necessarily see the mess behind the scenes, or the flabby arse, or whatever.  And that’s cool, ’cause I’m getting this shit done for now.’

Karly: ‘I never work in my pyjamas.  I think it’s disgusting and it makes me feel gross.’

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